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Tangible and Intangible Risks

I am in the process of getting rolled into the disaster recovery team.. Gee me and my luck.. :) at any rate, I need to start revieiwing and identifying tangible and intangible risks and impacts in my IT department.. Does anyone have any good suggestions where i should start? :) Please can anyone give me some examples that would be a jump start to what is tangible and intangible risks and impacts in IT. :!!
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eweek did a story back when Katrina hit (perhaps a few months after) that I thought was good... they point out certain things that many people don't think of when it comes to disaster recovery.  Like People - If you have a team trying to keep your systems running - or moving them to an alternate site and they may have to work for a few days straight, like with katrina, are you planning for THEM?  I mean things like cots to sleep on, food, etc.?


You might want to review my Backup article - though it's aimed more at the small business, you might find some points of value in it...
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SANS has some wonderful reading as always: http://www.sans.org/reading_room/whitepapers/recovery/

Best advise I have, test your plan and execution, just like fire drills. Back-up data needs to be placed back on servers, hardware vendors need to be tested for speed of delivery, communication during the drill/test is essential. I'd also suggest getting familiar with VMware and it's ilk, you can turn 1 server into 4 or more quite quickly with the proper preparation and planning, it's a real time saver should you need it, it can also keep your hardware cost's down, just stock up on memory and HD space.