Error using char* in UNICODE project

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Hi all, coding C++ in VS.NET 2003

I'm modifying a project that requires me to write all my strings as _T("string").  I know it is because of UNICODE.  The following two lines of code do not compile and I'm sure its because of UNICODE something or other.

szBuffer=new char[ myCString.GetLength()+10 ];
strcpy( szBuffer, myCString ); <--- " Cannot convert CString to const char* "
CPaintDC dc(this);
dc.DrawText( szBuffer, intMyCount, rect, MYOPTIONS ); <--- Can't convert param 1 from char* to LPCTSTR
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Try wcstrcpy and wchar_t instead of strcpy and char.
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Just use a conversion instead, e.g.

szBuffer=new char[ myCString.GetLength()+10 ];
wsprintfA( szBuffer, "%S", myCString );

The capital '%S' in the format string will convert the UNICODE string to an ANSI string.
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use TCHAR so it compiles both as ANSI and UNICODE

TCHAR* szBuffer = new TCHAR[myCString.GetLength()+10];
_tcscpy(szBuffer, myCString);

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