make the IIS 6.0  case sensitive

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How we can make the IIS 6.0  case sensitive like Apache on Linux/Unix
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The Filesystem of windows is case insensitive, so the IIS can´t be case sensitive !

I´m not a Windows Expert, but I don´t think there is way to pimp the FS to be case sensitive.
Ups, just found out that NTFS IS case sensitive, but the rest of the OS doesn´t really know how to handle this :-)

I don't think that this is possible without using some type of 3rd party plugin or filename checking script to handle the requests.  You would need to look at the request data and compair it to what is saved on the disk.


Anyone have idea about this type of 3rd party tools ??
Check out the following :

Two ways of enabling case-sensitive file names to be created by NFS Clients to a non case-sensitive Windows Operating System via NFS Maestro Server

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