Verify installation of Windows 2003 Ent R2 with SP2????

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How do I verify that an installation of Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 with SP2 was installed properly or fully?  When it came to the OS first time it asked for the CD2 which I didn't have.   I only had the installation files which were downloaded from MSDN site.  It asked me for this path, \i386\packages\corebins\update\update.exe.  I cancelled out of it and my OS is running fine.  I've rebooted and checked all event logs and no errors.  Any thoughts?
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Me, I'd reinstall it just to be sure.


I really don't want to do that.  I downloaded the version from MSDN.  You  know how cryptic that is.  I did not see any cd2 for this download so I don't know why it asked me.

is there any tool or utility that just verifies Windows 2003 installations?
While it may verify that a SP2 install has been done - and given what you've seen - do you trust it's actually completed full and clean? ;-)

That to me would be a more essential question. Short of looking at every file in the SP2 upgrade and comparing time stamps with those on the server, I don't see any degree of certainty in interrogating the server (via the operating system) for a clean bill of health.



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