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I am trying to setup ubuntu on my computer that has an Asus M2N-E.  I've set three 500 gig hard drives as a raid 5 using the nvraid on the motherboard.

During the install it scans the bus and finds the nvraid controller but doesn't see that I've setup the three drives in a raid 5 configuration.  It displays a list

sda 500.1 GB
sdb 500.1 GB
sdc 500.1 GB

Is there any linux distro that will see my raid configuration?
I've also tried the promoise sx4310 card and it does the same thing.  Promise doesn't have drivers for their card except suse 9 and redhat.  Neither of which I like very well.  I could try suse 10.1 but I would like to get ubuntu or fedora core 6 working.

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I am not sure you can get NVRaid driver for Linux.  But if you use Promise, there are drivers for Linux.  The instructions here: http://www.linux.com/howtos/ATA-RAID-HOWTO/preparation.shtml


I have a promise sx4310 card also.  How do I get a raid 5 to work AFTER linux is installed?

Also the file you recommended is for Redhat only through version 7.2 only.  I will use that ONLY if I have to.
The drivers are here http://www.promise.com/support/download/download_eng.asp.  There is no particular one for Ubuntu and I don't think you can get raid5 to work after installation (unless you installed on a separate drive outside the drives that you intended to use for rain5).

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