MS Access: Compare 3 fields, use the highest value.

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MS Access 2003 - In a query - I have 3 fields with numerical values.  I want to select the highest value of the 3.  I see a MAX function but can't find good help on it. What's the best way to do this?
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U could use a IF statements within your query


SELECT   IIF(field1>field2, IIF(field1>field3,field1,field3),  IIF(field2>field3,field2,field3)  ) AS MaxValue
FROM mytable
The max function won't help you with this.  The max function works on a single field.

You will have to use iif.

MyMax:iif(field1>=field2 and field1>=field3, field1, iif(field2>field3, field2),field3)

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