Which do I backup, the enforcment module, or the Management station?

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I possibly need a lesson in fundamental Checkpoint architecture?

I have a windows management station that pushes the policy to a Nokia enforcement module.
I change ip addresses on interfaces of bothe management server & Enforcement module.

1. do I just need to backup the Windows management station?

2. If I need to backup the Nokia, can someone tell me how to do this?
I have tried speaking to Nokia about this, but the hardware is out of support so i can't get any documentation.

Thanks in advance
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What version of CheckPoint are you using?

There are plenty of available docs that explain what you need to backup. This doc is useful but I dont think covers everything:


From a CheckPoint perspective the above link should cover the essentials. Is you backup the FW1 directory you will be ok. On the Nokia box you may want to backup the Nokia local config that includes static routes, arp etc


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