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Error processing calendar profile document


We have a few instances of Domino mailfiles being kept after the user has left, for historical tracking, etc. We also have instances where users' mail is being forwarded to alternative locations. At present, deleting the mailfiles or removing the forwarding is not an option for us.

The downside of this is the many SchedMgr error messages that appear, such as:

SchedMgr: Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT00000A0A) in database mail\jimjones.nsf: Cannot find user in Domino Directory


SchedMgr: Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT000010E6) in database mail\fredbloggs.nsf: User's mail is being forwarded to another location

Having spent a long time Googling this, I'm well aware of the reasons for the messages. However, what I can't quite get to grips with is how to get rid of the damned messages!!

Anyone available to provide idiot-proof instructions, taking into account my lack of Designer experience?

Thank you.

(Domino 6.5.5 on a WIndows 2000 server platform)
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For the first problem: I suppose you deleted the Person documents for these users? You could just create a Deny-group and add them to it.

That calendar profile could be modified probably, in the mailfile itself using the Notes client. Or there are still calendar entries for the user. Maybe you can delete these entries? I suppose nobody is interested any more in old appointments. Wordt case, you have a backup copy of the database of course...
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The annoying thing here is that I've examined the Note ID and gone through the calendar entries for the dates mentioned. As far as I can tell, there's nothing there.

I have deleted the person document for these people - I did so to remove them from the Notes Address Book. However, there *is* a "Deny Access" group and, as far as I'm aware, all leavers are added to it.

I'm just off to double check that now though.
I have  similar issues, and I have set up rules to put all of these messages in a special folder that I go through and delete weekly.

Mine are mostly due to a reorg and a migration to a new Domain.

I hope this helps !

Am I correct in thinking that it's the Busytime database that's generating the messages? If so, is there anything I can do to remove the names from being checked? I've looked at the list of names in Busytime and the ones generating the errors don't appear to be listed within.

I've also seen mention of something called NOCAL.EXE which (apparently) does this automatically. Can't seem to find that executable on-line though.

I know that the messages are not critical and that my server is not going to die because of them, but it would be nice not to see them whenever I retsart the server.
I don't know how SchedMgr finds out that it is a mail database, but that may be a way to get these messages away: it should not look like a mail database any longer so SchedMgr skips it when processing. You might start with removing the template name the database is based on, and test again. I doubt that it will work, so  I'll try to look for other possible ways.

You could also verify in busytime.nsf (or clubusy.nsf) that the entry for the user who left the company no longer exists.
None of the names that generate errors are listed in busytime.nsf. There is no clubusy.nsf on the server.
Hint found in TechTarget:
"To get rid of the error ... change the owner of the mail file to be the server or another..."  I suppose that's in the Calendar Profile document.
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That's exactly the programme I was looking for... and it seems to have done the trick. Thank you.