Customize Directory Browsing Display at Root Folder for All Sub Folders

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IIS 6.0
We have a website that uses directory browsing and want to customize the display (take away date, size, etc.). I have seen many solutions that involve placing a default page with some scripting at the root level of the folder. The problem we have is that there are many folders and subfolders. Puting a default page in each one is really unmanageable as the folders are created on a daily basis by non-web admin users. Is there something we can put at the root folder that would work on all sub folders?
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I myself use a script to display the contents of the folder and all sub-folders, with links to individual files (makes-shift documentation repository), but you could probably find a lot more intricate scripts already made. This page for example has ASP file managers of different complexity - perhaps you could adopt one of them for your purpose: There are also a lot of scripts written in other languages that can be run under IIS available from that site.


Oleksiy G.


I decided to go with just using the standard directory browsing, but OleksiyG pointed me to an awesome site with some scripts I may use for the future so I will award him the points.

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