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Hi I am using flash 8 and trying to display the following xml data:

<forecast spot="10" name="Cromer" link="http://weathersitef202.com/Cromer-Report/10/">
<today day="Today" swelldata="2FT@4SECS" windspeed="6MPH" winddir="NE" rating="0"/>
<tomorrow day="Tomorrow" swelldata="1FT@6SECS" windspeed="6MPH" winddir="NNW" rating="0"/>
<nextday day="FRIDAY" swelldata="3FT@4SECS" windspeed="20MPH" winddir="SSW" rating="0"/>

I need to display the following as text,  day,  swelldata, windspeed & winddir I also need to display the rating as a graphic, of one - five stars.

Any help as to the best way of doing this is much appreiciated.

Many Thanks,

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