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I have a table under SQL Server 2005 with two columns (col1, col2) and this table have about 10 records, so the table look like this:

COL1        COL2
val1          val_1
val2          val_2
valN          val_N

what's the best way to swap rows for cols to obtain some like this in a view:

val1     val2      ...   valN
val_1   val_2   ...   val_N,

where the values of COL1 becomes the column names of the result, and the values of COL2 the values for each new column.
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well... thx... i do that... like this

SELECT * FROM <table>
      PIVOT (
            FOR COL1 IN([COL1], [COL2], ..., [COLN])
      ) AS PVT

But, what about if i have an unknown number of columns, i mean, i have "about" 10 records (that becomes the columns), how can i determine the IN(<cols>) sintax?
Then you have to write a dynamic SQL statement.


is an introduction.

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