Drag and Drop files via Remote Desktop Protocol

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Is there any way, or a 3rd party application that can enable a person to drag and drop files both ways while connected via remote desktop or terminal server. The only way I know is to access your local disk drive, but I would really like to drag and drop. Anything?
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Microsoft is looking into to adding this in the next version of Windows Server.

Source - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community/chats/trans/windowsnet/06_0801_tn_wslong.mspx

Currently, there are no utilities that I know of that will make this happen.
You can't use drag'n'drop but you can use copy'n'paste....

Simply copy file (press CTRL+C or right mouse\copy) on one machine and then paste (CTRL+V or right mouse\paste) on second machine.

This is working only if you connect with remote desktop and allow access to disk drives. Start,Run, type: mstsc.exe, open Options, Local Resources and click on checkbox "Hard drives":


Are you sure you can copy FILES? I thought this was just clipboard??
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I have tried it for this answer and I use this option a lot.

You can copy folder too.
He is correct, you can cut and paste but not drag and drop.
Copying files is not enabled by default, you must first enable access to your local drives, then you can copy and paste whole files between computers.

From Microsoft (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313292):

To view the disk drives and files for the redirected disk drive:
1. Click Start, point to All Programs (or Programs), point to Accessories, point to Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
2. Click Options, and then click the Local Resources tab.
3. Click Disk Drives, and then click Connect.


Sorry to take so long! Thanks for all your help!

When Windows XP Home Edition is running as an RDP client, does it also have the "Disk Drives" option?  I just spoke to a client over the phone who tells me he only has Printers and Clipboard.
Is this possible while using the RDP terminal server web client to connect?

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