Can I have multiple accounts in Outlook when using Exchange?

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I currently have a 10 user Windows Server 2003 Domain.  At present we are using Outlook as our email client with Pop addresses.  We will be moving to an Exchange server in the next few weeks and I have a question.  Currently I have my Outlook configured to send/receive 3 accounts.  I want to be able to maintain this functionality when we move to an Exchange server without having to log on and off.  Is this possible and if so, how?  Thanks in advance.
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Either you can have three exchange profile configured on your Outlook...for this you just need to close the outlook and open with another outlook profile...

Else you can configure 1 Exchange and 2 POP account in single outlook profile...
Even the better would be if you grant yourself full mailbox access, send as right and add these mailboxes in your outlook profile...

When you would like to send mail as another account just add that in From field and send it on receiving end it will appear as it was sent by that user..

Grant Full mailbox Access

Send as,289483,sid43_gci1103948,00.html

Adding additional mailboxes in outlook..


But the way I have it set now, simply by clicking the account button and/or replying to the received message on whatever account, I wouldn't be able to do this without switching accounts?  Would I be better by setting it so that I get copies of the messages sent to that particular user and if i absolutely must reply with that address then i could login with that account.
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Sorry about that.  I replied with exactly what you said before the new post came through.
Donnie4572IT Manager

I think Outlook does not handle multiple mailboxes well and I have seen many problems.

The most stable way I have found is the way mohdabsar pointed out above.

I have mostly seen issues when outlook tries to manage a mix of pop, imap, mapi mailboxes. As long as all the mailboxes are mapi connected to exchange all is usually ok.

Could you please update us whether we could assist you...


Thanks for your assistance and prompt responses.  Sorry for my late one.  Assigning the ability to manage other boxes is the way to do it for me.  Thanks again.

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