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Robin Hickmott
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Hi im using Flash 8

Is there anyway to load an external image (jpg/png) and display it as the background for a dynamic textbox. Preferably I want the textbox also to resize to the dimensions of the incoming image.

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I would just create an empty movie clip. Put the textbox inside the movieClip. Load your picture inside the empty movie clip. Size the empty movie clip to match the dimensions of your new file.

does that make sense to you?

Robin HickmottSoftware Developer
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Well im using the following to load in and displa the image.


It seems to work but the image comes in over the top of the original textbox
MontoyaProcess Improvement Mgr

In that case, you could just add the text dynamically, and select the depth. Just do something like:

myText_txt.text="this is another test";

you can also set multiple properties for your textfield, like color, background color, html and more...

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