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We are running SBS 2003 with Outlook 2003 Client, my boss wants to be the only one able to delete email so he can monitor what’s being deleted so has can monitor outgoing email that users delete as soon as they are sent.

Thanks for any help.
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if a user has owner rights (which is by default) on his own mailbox then the user can delete emails.
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Can't be done.
You cannot stop a user from deleting anything in their mailbox.
If someone wants to monitor email then it will have to be done outside of the mailboxes using the journaling feature.

Also consider that what has been asked could be illegal. Being owner of the company does not make it legal to read others email without permission - obviously depending on location, local laws and business type.

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Simon... in the United States... it's very much legal for a business owner to read ALL email sent to/from any company address.  It's our darn tort laws that allow that... because ultimately the business owner is liable for any official message transmissions.

SteveDSL... I'd suggest that you use a 3rd party application to monitor email.  It's much more efficient than having the owner spend his time snooping.  Third-party monitoring apps will provide useful reports and copies of the entire message based on whatever rules/filters/keywords you want to configure.

Depending on what Anti-Virus program you have on your SBS you may already have the capability.  For Instance, TrendMicro Client/Server/Messaging suite has email content monitoring built-in.  Otherwise, check out something like GFI Mail Essentials.

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Thank you for all your help, I will look at content monitoring solution.
So far I remember TrendMicro Client/Server/Messaging suite has email content filtering built-in (Content Monitoring is alien for me still check this out)....very nice feature...

You can add the keywords and it will block these e-mails and depending on your configuration will take the action...better archive them...
Later you can use webconsole of CSM to check which mails are blocked and archived and release it to specified users (in your case to your boss)

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal Consultant
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Yeah, isn't that what I said?

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