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I am a newbie to MS SQL SERVER.  I am migrating a database from MS ACCESS to SQL SERVER.  I need a tool where a user can edit, delete and modify data and rows in a table.  My hope is that there is a tool that will do this function without writing a custom program(s).  These are the two issues.

1.  My users are not very computer sophisticated.  I need a tool that is easy to use.
2.  The company I work for has an economic impairment.  The price needs to be reasonable.

Right now, I am using MS SQL SERVER 2005 express to learn how SQL server works.  I know this is a very limited database.  Does the full blow version of SQL server include a better toolset?  


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Other than Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio, no... Nothing simpler is packaged.

However, if I were you, I would get Microsoft Access. From there, you could create a project that connects to a sql database and either edit the table data directly, or create screens to map to the table.

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