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I'm having a problem with Powerpoint. When I save the presentation, in one specific slide the font size reverts to the font size setting in the slide master.  So on Slide #2 for example, when I save the slide the text is in 28 point, but when I re-open the presentation the text is now in 32 point, which is the setting for the slide master.

This only happens on this particular slide, though.  All my other slides keep their font size regardless of the slide master.

Any ideas?
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It's probably a placeholder with Autofit turned on.  These links tell you how to turn it off.

PowerPoint 2007:

PowerPoint 2003:
In PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint XP (2002) you could select Format>slide layout>and then pick the image that just shows the title on the page (or the blank page).  This may cause your text to shift on the page (you'd have to reposition it).  But by applying a slide layout that doesn't use the text area of the master, it will "unlink" the text and won't reapply the formatting that is on the master.


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