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I am using the Windows XP extended desktop but I am having a slight problem with it. I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and I want it to open up in the secondary display. I can drag the program over to the secondary display and close it and it will reopen in the secondary display just fine. However, when I select a picture within the program and view it full-screen, it opens in the primary display, not the secondary. Is there anyway to control this?
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This depends on the graphic card driver and the used desktop extension. Some graphic card drivers will not supply the screen metrics for secondary screens correctly when full screen is used.

For better control, you could try UltraMon (www.ultramon.com).
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Not sure, since Full screen may default to screen 1 automatically.

I hope this helps !
this is related to the application default screen.Some applications like direct-X views etc are only designed to be displayed on the primary display. The reason for this is that your graphics card supports full graphic acceleration only for the primary display. The secondary display is not capable enough for all the things, Thats why application designers will keep some things to the primary display just because they will not work on secondary. A full screen picture slide show requires graphic acceleration.
but if  you just increase the size of the picture window without maximizing, you can get it approximately full screen. Thats the only simple solution

For a more serious kind of requirements, there are special graphics card (costly *) which can extend any kind of display in many different ways to a number of computers.

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