help me to convert the code from CR 4.0 to CR XI.

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Please help me to convert the code from CR 4.0 to CR XI.
We have upgrade the OS from Win NT to XP and purchased the new CR XI.  Now I have to convert the VB code from CR 4.0 to CR XI, which I am not very good at.  I know some basic code of OCX but still in a baby steps for RDC, please help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is my old code from using OCX and we are using the SQL Server:
Private Sub form_load
     FormName = "addhoc"
     gdbCurrentDB.QueryTimeout = 300
end sub

Private Sub cmdSubmit_Click()
Dim SelList1 as string
SelList1= " Select * from county_res where SurveyDate='200701' and state='06' and county='001' and imp_rep='E' and datasave='R' "

        'design window format display for crystal report
          CrystAddhoc.WindowHeight = 3100
          CrystAddhoc.WindowWidth = 5900
          CrystAddhoc.WindowTitle = Trim(StName)

          CrystAddhoc.Formulas(0) = "TOPHEAD1 = 'DISPLAY DATA BY DATE - ESTIMATES W/IMPUTATION'"
          CrystAddhoc.Formulas(1) = "Subhead1 = '" & StName & "'"
          CrystAddhoc.Formulas(2) = "Title1 = 'CURRENT MONTH'"
          CrystAddhoc.Formulas(3) = "Title2 = 'YEAR-TO-DATE'"

           CrystAddhoc.ReportFileName = "C:\AddHocVersionXI\addhocitmAllCountyRes.rpt"
           CrystAddhoc.SelectionFormula =  SelList1
           CrystAddhoc.Destination = crptToWindow
           CrystAddhoc.WindowControls = True
           CrystAddhoc.Action = 1

What do I need to do to convert ?  Please guide me slowly.  Thank you very much in advance.

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