Gate Way Laptop trackpad not responding

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Hi Guys,
I am working on a GateWay Laptop Model number: 4024gz  S/NO: N8051 810 12913
the customer came to me with a password problem. the bios put a password and wouldnt let her get to windows . so what i did was pulled out the cmos battery .  and it worked. i got to windows but then another problem came up. the track pad doesnt respond, and i get no movement with the mouse.I CALLED HER and asked her if she had problems with the trackpad before and she said no.  what should i do? i tryed looking in gateway but i dnt see anything to do with this model and the track pad.  need help thanks


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It may have lost the drivers for the touchpad.  Check this link for the touchpad drivers, install them, and see if it fixes the problem.¶m=4385

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