generic computer with pc chip motherboard fail to boot

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hello Expert,

I have a generic computer motherboard pc chip m833g ver 1.5a.

I borrowed a friend hard drive (windows 98 loaded) to do some testing--- I remove my hard

drive and connect his own.

the computer failed to boot, i subsquently remove the borrowed hard drive

and reconnected my orginal hard drive.

I recieved shock when  the blue screen of death  appeared and the computer just went blank

I decided to extract the cmos battery wait a few seconds and reinsert hoping the

system will revert to factory  default and then reconfigure all onboard and pic  hardware found.

This fail and now i am saddle with a non functioning system.

Would anyone please advise what should i do next to make my system functional again.

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Will it boot with ALL drives unplugged (data and power cables)?
With the modem, network, soundcard, removed?

Are the heatsinks/fans loaded with dust?
Tryed another power supply?
Tested cpu and/or ram in another mobo to see if they are good?

There are so many things it could be, that it is usually easier just to take off everything but the cpu, 1 stick of known working ram, and the video, and see if it boots.

If yes, add things back one at a time until you find what is killing the system.
If no, you need to try known working cpu and ram on this mobo, and this cpu and ram in a known working mobo to see what is bad.
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it seems it goes through the post screens : "system will revert to factory  default and then reconfigure all onboard and pic  hardware found"
as suggested, try booting with the minimum;
if this works, try booting from a bootable CD (win98SE) or ultimate boot cd :
if you can boot from cd, try running some tests from it : Ram and disk, or one of these :                                    PC doctor                        Burnin test                        free      TuffTest lite

Thank you much.  : )

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