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Our SMTP Drop folder needs to be cleared out.  There are over 3500 messages in there from yesterday starting at about 4:00pm.  Is there a way to send the messages in there?

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a) be careful about arbitrarily clearing your smtp queue.  You may have a bigger problem.  What happened at 4pm?  Did someone make a firewall change?  Check the logs - can you see *why* they're still in the queue?

1) stop and restart your smtp service, see if they clear on their own
2) investigate the logs... see *why* they're in the queue
3) see if someone changed a firewall rule, making your smtp server unable to send email


We have stopped and started the service.  Nothing happens.

Nothing changed that we know of.  

Which log in particular would you look at?

What happened at 4pm yesterday?  Any idea if something changed?  check the server event logs for clues.  If it's exchange, you can open the exchange manager,  go to admin groups, your site, your server, queues, and look for the retried emails.  click ONCE on the name of the site, and look under "additional queue information".  What does it say?  "the remote server did not respond to a connection attempt"  or?

What the server will do is save all messages into the Drop folder (it's not a queue) when a message arrives that's destined for the name configured in IIS.

If you open some of the files, you will notice a header X-Reciever at the top.  If this matches the domain configured you have your reason.  If you are trying to use this SMTP server to forward emails to your main email server check the smarthost settings.

If you have an email processor that picks these files up and processes them, make sure it's configured with the proper folder.

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