recommended memory useage in SBS 2003?

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just wondering what the recommended memory useage in SBS 2003 is? We have 20 clients, 4GB RAM, sbs 2003 runs exchange, sql, dns, dhccp, etc. Just installed 2 weeks ago, and already getting memory warnings reported.  have tried increasing the reporting level, to about 75% of the installed memory.
Concerned that the server will not perform adequately due to lack of memory, but i would have thought 4Gb was plenty?
Task manager shows 2 sql processes using about 1Gb between them, and the only main memory user is store, about 600Mb. Can anyone confirm if this is normal?
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That's not terribly surprising - If you restart the SQL services you may get some memory back.  If these are the support SQL Services (like SBS Monitoring) then you can set a limit on how much RAM they use - I probably limit it to 250-400 MB for each process.

For information on limiting the SQL processes, see Danny28's comments in this thread:

The Store.exe memory usage is not surprising - that's exchange - and I typically see it that much - +/- 100 MB.
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SQL is part of it, and you can actually read about how to control SQL memory here:
(which I linked in the above mentioned article as well)

But what I've found to be the main culprit of memory use on an SBS is improperly configured Anti-Virus Software.  Most of the time, folks do not exclude all of the proper things such as the Exchange Stores, which will cause excessive use of RAM for no good reason.  There's a decent list of exclusions here:

And this is also a good overview:


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