active directory gpo deployed msi reinstalling on boot

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I have a nice clean MSI + transform for Adobe Reader 7.0.8. I deploy via Active Directory GPO, and it works wonderfully for about 10000 machines. Nice clean install on power up. No further issues.

But 900 machines have been *manually* upgraded to 7.0.9 or 8.x of Adobe reader.... on those machines, every time they reboot, the 7.0.8 MSI reattempts an installation and fails.

What are my options? I know it works if I have them manually deinstall Adobe Reader... but that's painful for so many computers.

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i think this might work for you... once you are in the GPO software installation select the upgrade tab and select the ADOBE AS UPGRADE SO IT WILL over install on top of it...

Hope this helps


Not qutie - the 7.0.9 and 8.x installs *per my original note* were manual installs, not via GPO.  So there is nothing to upgrade.
I don't think you will be able to 'upgrade' to an earlier version. Check the Application event log on a PC which fails the MSI install. This might confirm the version conflict.
If you have to downgrade the 900 PCs from 7.0.9 or 8.x then you could automate the removal using a VB startup script...
Would it be feasible to upgrade all PCs to 8.x?


not feasible to upgrade to v8 because v8 breaks the application I'm installing 7.0.8 for.
a vb removal might work though - anyone know the vb code I could use to find and destroy Adobe Reader 7.0.9 and 8.x?

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