IE7 on one account gets HTTP 500 Error on one site. Other accts same machine have no problem

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I have an XP sp 2 machine running IE7. When user logs on to the machine and tries to pull up a specific site ( they get an HTTP 500 error.(The user has no problem surfing the rest of the net)  If that person logs on to the same machine using a different account they can access the site using IE7 with no error. I installed FireFox under the account that is having the trouble and it too can access the site. I purged all cookies and temp files and have set both privacy and Internet zones to Medium with no change in the problem. I have checked the host file and it is at the default

The problem points to the user settings for IE but I can find no area where it says to fail when opening that one site. The domain is not in the restricted zones and I have turned off all personal firewall settings.
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Greetings lincoln_mead !

1. Clear your DNS cache.  Go to Start > Run and type CMD
and hit OK.
At the command prompt, type ipconfig /flushDNS
and hit OK.

2. Clear your cache.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab.  Under Temporary Internet Files, click "Delete Files" button. Also click "Delete Cookies" button. Click OK.

3. If you are using Internet Explorer, check if the site is restricted or blocked.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security. Hightlight Restricted Sites and see if the blocked site is located there.

Also under Content tab > Content Advisor, check if the site is restricted there. Remove it.

Also, under Security tab, add the website to your trusted zone.

4. Check if antispyware, antivirus, or firewall is blocking the website.

5. Uninstall and reinstall IE7.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the Network Interface card.

Best wishes, war1
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One thing you could do is to add that site to the Trusted Zone,
or in your Hosts file add that site's url and IP address.
But that won't tell us why he couldn't access it in the first place.

HTTP 500 error is too generic, it might help to see more info on the real error message that is being generated.
Is the IE set to show more info when you get those Errors?
IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
Under the "Browsing" tab, click "Show friendly HTTP Error Messages"
lincoln_meadOperations and Sales Manager (Contract)


I tried the Trusted Zone and hosts process with no real luck. Friendly error messages did not give me a lot to work with. I ended up flushing the DNS cache and then using the delete all process in IE7 to reset the entire browser to its original install state. Thanks for your help on this.
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lincoln_mead, glad the problem is solved.

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