Windows Server 2003 folder/file permission changes

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I am trying to do the following:
On a windows server 2003 to which I have local admin priviledges, I am trying to add permissions to folders (/subfolders/files) to which I currently do have any permissions.  Basically the permissions were not set correctly in the first place and are affecting our ability to do backups.
Could you tell me how I can add permissions to a group without overwriting existing permissions?
XCACLS.VBS is giving me errors and permission denied warnings.
Thank you.
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look at the permissions of the file in question. As an administrator you will be able to see the permissions. Go into advanced and look at the owner, take ownership and then go back to the permissions and add the administrators group and give them full access. then if you wanted you could change the owner back to the original however it will, more than likely, make no differance.


The issue I am having is that subfolders sometimes have different permissions than subfolders but all need to retain a individual end user (these are home folders)
When I follow the steps below:
- Take ownership of a top folder
- Replace ownership on all folders below it
- If I now add the admin group to the top folder and replace permissions on all subfolders, I am going to remove the folder owner's permissions...
I am trying not to remove the current folders' owners but instead to add an admin only.
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What account are you using to do the backup? If you run it with an account that is a member of the Backup operators group this group has the abllity to read files for the purpose of backup (and restore) regardless of any permissions set.

Backup Operators
Members of this group can back up and restore all files on domain controllers in the domain, regardless of their own individual permissions on those files. Backup Operators can also log on to domain controllers and shut them down. This group has no default members. Because this group has significant power on domain controllers, add users with caution.



This is actually more of a migration process where we need to take control of those files and have permissions to move them.  I'm sorry, I did not a standard backup operation.

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