Access 2000 to Access 2003 Migration with a  runtime error 3734

Michael Janiszewski
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Database was built with MS Access 2000, the company is slowly migrating towards MS Office 2003 with Access 2003.  Some end users are using Access 2000 and some are using Access 2003.  Total end users about 10 on a company LAN

Getting a runtime error 3734>> the database has been placed in a state by user <name> on macine <name> that prevents it from being opened or locked.  

Is this due to the Access 2000/2003 migration?
Is there a work around until everyone is on Access 2003?

The database has not be split yet(due to frequent design changes).  Don't have the expertise yet to write a write a batch file to push out new front ends.
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As long as you have users with 2000....then you need to compile your database in 2000. If you split the database, you wouldn't need to worry what version that back end was in...but your front end would still need to be at the lowest version. The issue is with References. there is some information here on EE about an automated reference checker...but the best bet is to hold out until everyone is upgraded. Just as a test, check the path names and object names in your references between the two versions, and you'll see what I mean.
Michael JaniszewskiRetired Access Database Administrator


Thanks for the info.  Sorry about the delay with points.

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