Trying to backup Nokia 6030 phone contacts...

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I am a total cell-phone newbie.  I'm just trying to backup my contacts from my Nokia 6030 phone to my computer. (It's Cingular's basic 'pay as you go' phone)

I bought a cable on line for this model, and installed the correct cable driver,and it installed ok. But it took me a while to figure out that Nokia's PC Suite software doesn't work with this Nokia phone model.

So I looked around, and found "MobiMB Mobile Media Browser v3.1", which allows me to see SOME of what's on the phone. With "show hidden folders" turned on, I see these folders:
-- Default tones
-- Gallery
-- Games
and subfolders.  But I don't see anything that looks like "contacts".  Some webpages have suggested I should see something called "system" but I don't.

Do my contacts correspond to any of these? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?  In general, is there a simpler way to do this, like via the web?
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You can try for free: Mobiledit

I'd recommand too, the Nokia pc suite. It has support even for 6030.,8764,78617,00.html

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Any news dgrrr?
Nokia PC Suite does not support the model 6030.

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