Problems syncing Address Book with Blackberry enterprise Server Express

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I just got my Blackberry enterprise server express installed and running.  After adding my user, and during the handset activation, it got to 95%, but then would not sync my address book and gave me an error.  please help.  I am running BBES Express 4.1.3, SBS2003, adn Ex2003 with all updates and servicepacks installed.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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1) You could have issues with the Address book. You may need to clean it up.

2) You can probably try a manual Sync with the BB desktop mnager, and turn on the logging. It may give you more info.

3) Check the RIM support site for similar issues.

I hope this helps !

Have your provider or BES administrator (If within a company) remove/readd you to the BlackBerry Exchange Server (BES). They refer to this as a reload. Each time I have encountered your reported issue this has been the fix.


That worked.  Thanks!

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