Continually update time in Powerpoint presentation.

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I need to have the time change or update in a powerpoint slideshow so it constantly upates with the current time.  The presentation has 8 slides which show the date and time in the lobby of a hotel.  The slide show runs all day.  I used a time field but it does not update constantly.  Only when you start the show.  Is there any macro or visual basic script which can continually update the time during the show?


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Several options here:

Clocks and timers for PowerPoint


I used the product (free) at the following link which I found by going to the link you sent me.  Thank you very much!

On a side note.  Doesnt effect me personally but when I run a Power point show which uses this feature it asks me if I want to save changes when I escape (escape button) out of the show.  Since I am using the windows scheduler to kill the presentation and play the next show it doesn't stop me but only because I am using taskkill to end the process and then play the next.
Hmmm, I'll pass it along to the developer (Chirag)


This is in Powerpoint 2007.
Will pass that long as well.  Thanks for letting me know.

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