How to customize Exchange 2003 NDRs

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I am having some trouble with messages bouncing back to people sending to recipients in my domain.  Overall I would say it is a very small percentage, maybe one or two a week if that.  So far I have enabled logging and set my IMF to archive messages.  I also installed an application to allow me to look at the archived messages.

The last thing I want to do right now is customize the NDR that comes from my Exchange 2003 server but I cannot figure out how to do it.  Can anyone tell me?  I am running Windows 2003 Server.

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Unfortunately we don't have a way to customize/modify the text in NDR messages in both Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 Server. Actually, the NDR is defined in some RFC documentation as an Internet standard. Also, because Microsoft Exchange Server is a RFC-compliant product, the typical NDR messages are hard coded in Exchange Server.

To my knowledge, I know that we can change a .DLL file in Exchange 5.5 to create custom NDRs, but I was not aware of any .DLL files we can alter in Exchange 2000/2003 to customize the built-in NDR messages. Also, even in Exchange 5.5, Microsoft doesn't recommend users customize the built-in NDR message by modifying the .DLL files.

Regarding the KB article 329311 mentioned in your post, it's a bit misleading and after confirming with the author of that article it would mean the third-party messaging system can use custom NDR rather than Microsoft Exchange Server. Actually, we do have a new KB article publishing to replace the KB article 329311. For more info, please refer to the KB article below:;EN-US;812806

Also, we strive to capture any and all product issues / product feedback so as to ensure that we are continuously developing Microsoft products to meet customer needs; this is exactly why feedback such as yours is always taken very seriously. You are also welcome to add your suggestions to make Microsoft products easier and more powerful to use, by visiting:

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Thank you for your understanding.

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