Is Delphi still the No. 1 RAD ? (Need to write a networking application)

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I used Delphi from version 1 to 7. I still maintain some projects in Delphi 5 and 7.
I got the 2007 trial and looks nice. I'm starting to write a little application that is a sort of IM software, and I started to experiment it in C# VS 2005. I like the C# network libraries a lot.
But doing it in C# implicate the extra hassle of people having to install .Net Framework 2.0.

Now, if I write it in Delphi, which are my options for networking components? Is Indy still the only free solution?
I don't even remember if Delphi has native Sockets class in the VCL.

Please, advise.
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Indy and ICS

While looking at there site I saw this - which is there internet messanger software he's done using his components

Also looking on SourceForge there is a couple of projects which use delphi - and also another set for free components for the interweb =)


Do you still use Delphi? What kind of projects do you do with it these days?

Yes I use Delphi (2006 Ent)
Most of the software I have been doing lately is with SOAP/Webservices, using Google Adwords API for example. Nothing as fun as some IM software ;-)
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developer
Delphi is still the Number 1 RAD tool for WIN32 applications. And this won't change since Microsoft isn't really working on any new WIN32 compilers. Then again, WIN32 will slowly become fossilized just like WIN16 and MSDOS. The future will be .NET applications and perhaps WIN64, but Codegear (previously Borland) still fails to create a good competition for the current Visual Studio versions.

Delphi for WIN32 does have socket support through the Windows API and the Indy components are just a wrapper around this. So you don't really need Indy, but if you don't use Indy you better know what you're doing and know the protocols that you're going to use. And make sure you can handle all exceptions that can occur. Socket programming can be real easy if you just use your own protocol, or a real disaster if you need to implement an existing protocol.

I've actually had a Delphi socket application once that was just a simple console application. Didn't use the VCL and the final binary was less than 100 KB.
Forced accept.

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