Retrieving variables/String from JSF Page into Javascript code

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How do I read hidden variables/ hidden fields/ string from JSF page into  javascript ?
Can I know an example or explaination for doing this?
I need this as I am using a javascript tree in JSF page and need to dynamically populate the tree based on certain criteria. I am open to any suggestions that you may have.
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Please do not post your email in questions. You get buried with spam and it is agains EE memeber rules.
As I see you got part of the answer in your question. The same is true not only for session vars but for anything located on server side: you have to pass it to browser side as page text or as cookie. Even AJAX gets only page text as response (page headers are also page text). So to get your navigator parts from JSF to JavaScript you have to print that parts to page source text so JavaScript can use it when page is rendered on browser. Browser cannot access anything on web server side when it is not sent to browser.

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Sound like you might want to look at JSON

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