Cisco FXO with CME; FXO connection not disconnecting ringing to cisco ip phones

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Cisco 2821 Router with CME 4.0; 4 port FXO Card
Call coming in from FXO directed to extension cisco IP phone (any model). While ringing on the Cisco IP Phone and the FXO disconnects before being redirected to VM, the ringing on the Cisco IP phone continues. If picked up, only has a fast busy.  I would like the Cisco IP phones to drop ringing if the FXO drops off, Any suggestions?
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have you tried the "supervisory disconnect anytone" command under the fxo voice port?

voice port 0/1
supervisory disconnect anytone

Hope this helps


No, this didn't change anything, I tried out most (if not all) of the different "supervisory" things, nothing so far.  Anyother suggestion?



Need help, don't understand why the FXO upon call coming when it disconnects... why wont it disconnect from the Cisco IP phones from ringing.  Any suggestions are welcome and needed!!!
You can reduce the effect of this problem by applying this command

voice-port 0/0/0
ring number 3

JeffTechnical Consultant

I realize that this is an ancient question/post, ... but I am now experiencing the exact same problem. When I call in from the outside (PSTN into CME 4.1), my IP phone rings as expected. It will answer the cal just fine and I have verified bi-directional talk path. When I disconnect, or "hang-up" my cell phone, there is about a 7 second delay before the IP phone actually "disconnects"

The same thing happens if I call in from the PSTN to CME and rather than answering the call, I just let it ring 2 or 3 times, hang up my cell phone, and the IP phones continue to ring for another 4 or 5 rings. How can I "force" the CME to detect when the PSTN signals "on-hook" and subsequently stop the IP phones from ringing within a resonable amount of time? (say, within 2 seconds?)

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