Open Source Intranet with MySql datase.

tejomay used Ask the Experts™
Can someone please recommend me an Open Souurce Intranet solution with MySql database? Thanks!!
I have a couple on the internet with MS Access.

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check Joomla! at
or alternatively XOOPS at
I use drupal.  But the decision should be based on what you want to do.  Do you hope to get many people to put information into the site or will there be just 1 or 2 authors?  
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I am looking at more users and also giving them access rights to read/write the uploaded files.
the main task i want to do is file sharing.
tejomay: could you tell us more? how it should work exactly? you need CMS or file sharing portal?


Commented: we have a small group...and i want to build a websitewhere i can upload files, people can access the files depending upon the access rights they have, web directory, forums, etc.
mainly im looking for file sharing (with permissions) and a web directory. Thanks in advance for your help.

Sounds like you need an opensource sharepoint portal. Try O3Spaces:



This is a great for an Intranet or public site.

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