Relocating Joomla 1.0.12 from a sub-directory to another directory

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I have installed Joomla 1.0.12 in a sub-directory 

I would like to move it to

As this is a live website with registered users who are paying for using it, I don't want to take a risk and I would appreciate detailed step by step instructions.

I have virtuemart and few other Addons installed, would they need separate handling or just moving joomla would do?

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I have done some (at least 10 sites) relocation of perhaps I can help you on this.

Please feel free to ask for any clarification :)

1) Backup everything you have in 

(this means, to download everything using FTP or something to make sure you have all the files in this location on your harddrive ..just in case something happens)

Or if you have direct access, (using windows for example) you can copy the whole directory and paste the whole directory in somewhere safe.

2) Now, I would keep there..until you can make sure will work

3) Since the domain name is the same, I am assuming that you will be using the same MySQL database. If not, please let me know.. you need extra steps to move your MySQL data to new database.

4) Go back to FTP - and upload all the files that were in Joomla directory into root directory of

5) Make sure CHMOD is set correctly for all the directory. It's same as when you originally installed.  Detailed explaination here if you are not familiar with it......

6) Go to the backup files - and find "configuration.php"

7) Open configuration.php in text editor or PHP editor

8) Change $mosConfig_absolute_path,$mosConfig_cachepath, $mosConfig_live_site


$mosConfig_absolute_path = '/home/public_html/joomla';

$mosConfig_absolute_path = '/home/public_html ';

$mosConfig_cachepath = '/home/public_html/joomla/cache';


$mosConfig_cachepath = '/home/public_html/cache';

$mosConfig_live_site = '';

$mosConfig_live_site = '';

9) Save configuration.php then, upload to root of the website for

10) Go to  and make sure everything works.

11) IF you happened to have SEF component installed, you may need to adjust the configuration - and also make sure to check .htaccess is configured correctly.

I use Advanced SEF( - and I like it...because the support is great.
I never used it with Virtuemart.  I used Joomla's built in SEF URL for the site I used Virtuemart... (the decision with based on client)



Awesome, I have doubled the points. Thanks for detailed response.

I do have few clarifications :
Which tools are available for moving /cloning? Only one I know is JoomlaCloner? Are there any more?

JoomlaCloner , says "Restore your backups anywhere" , Have you tried this tool, can I use it to 'move' a joomla install from a subdir to another? Your instructions look good but if I can avoid the manul process and use the tool, it might be easier for a joomla newbie like me.

I had another question at but I closed it few minutes ago, before I saw your post here, as I bought JPromoter from , Whats your opinion about this? Is it good or I should go with something else? I don't mind paying again for a better tool if I have to. Is SEF Advance better?

I have started my first joomla site and I am already struggling with it so I will be posting quite a few questions. so even after this question is closed please subscribe to it ( I hope that is possible ).

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joomlaegg, with "so even after this question is closed please subscribe to it ( I hope that is possible ).' in last post, I meant, I will post the link to next question here to help locate the next question easily. so subscribing to this Q. even after it is closed, may help. Sorry if I sounded ambiguous earlier. Thanks
Sure :)  I will keep the "monitoring" on.
Because Joomla has so many extensions, modules, components, and add-ons....I haven't gotten to many of them.

I've never used JoomlaCloner  -- looks fantastic.  The review on Joomla site is superb.  I think this is great ..and especially useful when you are maintaining Joomla.  Keeping Joomla updated- and having good backup is critical to Joomla. (PHP security stuff always pops up.) This tool will be a great way to have "peace of mind" for your site with few easy clicks.  

Oh by the way...I know above steps sounds so much work...but in practice, it's not that bad :D

Regarding JPromoter-- again great research on your part.  Looks great. I've never explored this... since it's a pretty recent addition in extensions (I did lots of research-and try and error around August - September --at that time, there were only 4 coponents to choose from for SEF-) but since I love JXplorer (and it's from the same company) - this must be nice addition to Joomla!

Joomla has nice community at will enjoy it.  There are so many things you can do - so not one person is an expert to all problems.  

I ended up learning about two new things from you- Thanks!

Wish you all the best

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