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User missing from Global Address List in Exchange 2003 SP2 - Need to add them

Exchange 2003 SP2 running on Windows 2000 Server.  We have a couple of users that don't show up in the global address list when you look via Outlook.  You can send emails to them but they aren't in the list.  I verified they are domain users as primary group, not set to hide their address, etc.  How can I add them so they show in the global address list for the other users.  They aren't new users but have been this way since the beginning apparently.  Thanks for the help.
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Are you using outlook 2003 in Cached mode? if so then there might be the issue with Offline address book..
What happened if you configure outlook profile without cache mode, mare you able to see all users then?

or check these users properties in AD:
Open Active directory Users and Computers and find these users go to exchnage Advanced Tab and see if the tick is clicked for Hide in Global address book for these users, if so please remove that tick and try after some time..
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We do have some users that use outlook in cached mode and some that don't.  No one in the company (about 40 users) can see these two users even via Outlook Web Access.  I turned off cached mode but still no luck.  I also verified that the Hide in Global Address book wasn't ticked.  I even checked it and applied it then removed it again just in case.  These two users still don't show in the global address list in outlook for anyone.  When you look at the details of the groups they are in they do show up just not on their own in the address list.  Thanks for the quick response. Any other suggestions would be great.

what I do in such a situation is force a rebuild of the offline address book on my exchange server. (ESM>Recipients>Offline Address Book>>> Right click >>> Choos rebuild)

After that I ask the users to go via Outlook>Send&Receive>Download Offline Address Book. In normal circumstances the OAB is downloaded and addresses become availlable.

If more help needed, ask!

Are you able to see these users from ESM preview of Global Address List?
Yes, we can see the users in the ESM preview.  I have just done the rebuild on the Global Address list but it doesn't show the users that are missing.  Thanks for the help.  Robbie
Still no luck.  Can I just recreate a new user and move the mailbox to them to get it to show up.  Just these two users aren't showing.  They are wanting them in there because people are misspelling their email address.  They have weird spelling names.  Tough.
yes , you can recreate the user and connect these mailboxes to these new AD accounts .
These users only access their mail via POP3 outside the company network so I would rather not have to recreate them and move their mailboxes because they would then download all the emails again being duplicated to them.  This could be a little ugly.  I still can't get them to show in the global address list after a rebuild via ESM.  Any other tools that should fix this?  Thanks for the help.
If I recreate the user how can I re-attach their existing database to the new account with persmissions, etc? Thanks.
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Excellent.  I will give it a try and let you know.  Thanks.
Only thing I could do to get it to work was recreate following the instructions you provided.  Thanks for the help.  I appreciate it.