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Need some advice please, considering a Mac for webdesign instead of a newer windows pc. Question is are there and big differences in site creation with one vs the other system. I am tired of my Dell locking up and being slow, using winxp pro sp2 with 2 meg of ram. Any suggestions on what mac or win machine may work best? What about processor for win machine, do I need a 64 bit processor, xeon, or what? Is 4 meg only good with 64 bit processor and winxp pro 64?
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well i use a system with pentium 4, 3GHz, 1GB of RAM, and it works super fine for me.....and the other MAC G4 systems here are terrible!

Personally i like win machines when it comes to web designing, but we have to make sure that all the hardware we are using are compatible with each other and with the os also. then there are other issues also, like your av and firewall, some background running processes that can cause frequesnt lockups.
I'm not going to get inot a MAC vs PC discussion .. these are few points to consider

1. Development Software on Mac & PC are almost identical these days Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ColdFusion ... etc. are all cross-platform. Software used to develop is equally good on both with 1 exception .. ASP/VB websites. If you develop a lot of ASP/.NET websites and need to test etc. you'll be better off with a Windows XP or Vista box as you can run all that stuff. It can be done on OSX with Parallels virtualisation or BootCamp but it is a bit messier and not as efficient.

2. Browsers - Windows had IE & Firefox .. Macs have Safari & Firefox. 8?% of users use IE so you need Windows to test how your website appears .. however you have an issue.
On Windows you can ONLY have IE 6 or 7 installed .. not both. On a MAc you can use Parallels to have several versions of Windows with IE 6 & IE 7 installed for testing.  There is no Safari browser or emulator for Windows

3. Performance - the previous poster said that the Mac G4s in his work were terrible .. well they are 3+ years old!!
All new MACs come with Intel Core 2 Duo chips which are as fast as the PC equivalents and performance is also as good.  If you have a few $$ then the MacPro with 4 and 8 processors are amazing!!
Windows XP and Vista are not fully optimised for 64bit (mostly a few latest games can use 64bit effectively) and Xeons are primarily a server chip so you've no need to look at anything other than good quality AMD or Intel chips. RAM on the other hand is very useful .. the more the better. Try and get your MAc or PC with 2Gb RAM or more

4. Stability - The old days where Macs crashed and caused lock-ups is long gone .. Built on Unix OSX is very stable and in my recent experience crashes and hangs less frequently than XP. It also requires fewer reboots but to all intents and purposes they are the same.

5. Cost - while Macs seem to be more expensive than PCs .. if you actually spec a computer with identical components then Macs work out to be competitively priced.  Many PCs don't have components that the macs include by default so while you can't get a really cheap mac .. if spending $800+ on a  computer the Macs can hold their own in terms of price/specification.

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