Web Server, Virtual Server and SQL security.

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I have one server.
I need a web server and an SQL server for the web applicaitons.
I'm going to install 2003 Server Standard R2 as the base OS and web server.
I'm going to install MS Virtual Server and install another copy of 2003 Server in a virtual machine.
I'm going to install SQL 2005 on that virtual machine.

My question is, what do I need to do to secure the SQL server and protect it from web access?
There is an option for network adapters which are 1. Internal Network and 1. External network (physical NIC)
I would assume that Internal Network would be faster.
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This should actually be a pretty safe setup by default (after you apply all patches of course).  This link should also be able to help you lock down SQL.  http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb283235.aspx

I have not used MS Virtual Server, but if it is like vmware, you will probably want Internal Network.  This would probably mean that the SQL server will essentially be running on an internal network and all internet access will be NAT'ed through the host server.  That is preferred as opposed to giving the SQL server its own routable IP address (external network).

You will probably also want a software firewall on the SQL server to block all connections except the connection from the web server just to be safe.

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