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We use the GXP-2000 phones which we are very happy with apart from for a couple of users which need to use headsets.On the GXP-2000 the mic was distorted and the headset volume low on an old unamplified headset and on a newer amplified headset the volume was ok but the mic sensitivity was too low.

Has anyone tried a headset on the newer GXP-2020?
The Aastara 480i also looks good.

We are using some of the more advanced features of the GXP-2000 such as an auto downloaded addressbook, screen customisation, busy lamp fields, and sip notify messages to display a message on the screen if the dialed number is not recognised or disconnected etc... (based on ISDN result code) so the GXP-2020 would be preferable if the headset compatibility is much better.
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These are fantastic headsets, but quite pricy
Plantronics Voyager 510S for Grandstream  
Plantronics-CS55 for Grandstream  
I received an aastra 9133i phone yesterday and started fooling with it today.  I have been very impressed so far.  I certainly beats the Grandstream GXP2000 for handling headsets, both volume and lockout with the speaker phone.

It is a nice looking phone and the display is adequate.  You don't notice it is not as big as some of the others unless you compare it side by side.  It is, as they say, "mission adequate".

The one thing about the 9133i is that the way they route network cables out the bottom/back of the desk stand is a bit hokey.  You need very pliable network cables to make the sharp bend so, if you need long cables, you will have to make sure you get them with soft jackets and no strain reliefs.

It seems to come out of the box more asterisk-ready but, I suspect, that is really only an issue when fooling with the first one.  After you get a certain model phone configured the way you want, you can duplicate that as many times as you need.

If you are looking for an alternative to going all the way to the GXP2020, the 9133i is certainly a good value at $129 and solves your headset issue quite nicely.  The other alternative since you are happy with the GXP2000s except for headsets is to go with something like the Plantronics M12 vista headset amplifiers.  They can be had very inexpensively, particularly from an e-bay store called "orange otter" (no, I am not making it up :-).  Yes, they are outboard (connected via the handset cord) but there are probably half a million of those suckers in use and they do work well.  At $50 a piece, you can keep the GXP2000s and be at the same price point as the 9133i and $35 or $40 below the cost of the GXP2020 before buying a non-amplified headset.

Thanks. I have ordered an Aastra 480i phone and headset to give it a try.
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Not sure if you are watching the other thread.. so here is the copy of that post. Please no points.. just some info sharing.. i would like to know the 480i turns test reults.  Thanks!

I have tested all three with the CS50 headset.

Aastra 9133i: not impressed, i had adjust the headset and the phone several times, the quality was not that great, but was tolerable.

Grandstream 2020: Headset quality was excellent, phone/user operation with headset was relatively simple.

Cisco 7960: Same as with the grandstream, quality was excellent and operating the headset in coordination with the phone was relatively simple.

I must note that i had to adjust the headset compatbility switch on the headset each time i moved it to a different phone.  This was annoying, but would not really affect an end user.  Just be aware of this fact if you intend to use this unit.  I can say though, the CS50 is the best headset i have ever used.

We are very happy with the 480i phone. It has been working reliably and works very well with the VXI Passport 10V headsets we bought with them.


If your using asterisk..

Was it easy to get working?
Are all the features working?
Did you have to perform any configuration tweaks in asterisk?  If so any hints?

Asterisk wise I did not have to make any changes to the existing configuration for the 480i to work.
I found even though I use them internally I had to define the asterisk server as the sip proxy in addition to the registration server otherwise it would not work. This is mentioned on the 480i wiki page on voip-info.

Two minor points about the phones.
1) If the phones are shipped and stored upside down for a long time part of the display turns blue and looks initially as if the display might be broken. You just need to rub the display lightly for a few times and it disappears and works fine.
2) I upgraded to 1.4.2 which was released today and found that after upgrading the next time you told it to reboot via the web interface the phone would lock up and need to be switched off for about a minute before it would work again. Subsequent reboots are fine. This happened with both of the new phones that came today but not the other one which was upgraded to 1.4.1 first.

I have got multiple lines, busy lamp, directory downloading from a server, and a custom XML based  mini directory assigned to one of my shortcut buttons all working fine.

There are two things I prefer on the grandstreams:-
1) I prefer is the way you transfer calls. You can do a blind transfer and just transfer the call immedaitly. You can also put someone on hold and dial other people and then at any point transfer two lines together or conference another person in.
On the 480i you have to be talking to one person and then transfer to the other in the same way as most traditional pbx systems work. This is easier for end users to understand but you loose some flexibility is being able to switch between people.
2) You can download up to 3 additional ringtones.

The speakerphone, headset compatibility, directory (larger screen and more easily editable entries), softkeys (20 total across 4 pages compared to 6 and XMS support) are all much better on the 480i.
I believe the 480i can also play a different tone based on source phone number so can be different for internal/external calls. The grandstream cannot do this which is a feature it is lacking compared to most other phones.


I have been able to get the grandstream to play one custom ring tone, but not the other two, even though i can select and hear them on the phone.  I have emailed grandstream about it in reply.

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