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I want to use the new Vista-font Calibri on my website on certain elements like the menu. The problem is that most users does not have this font yet.

When I set font family like this "font-family:Calibri,Trebuchet MS" it selects T MS for users without Calibri installed. Problem here is that they differ in size. 11pt Calibri is not the same size as Trebuchet MS 11pt. This destorys my design and layout.

What I would like is the font size to change depending on wether the client has Calibri or not.

Something like this  "font: (Calibri, 11pt), (Trebuchet MS, 10pt);

Is there any way to make this happen with css or javascript?
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Seems like I messed up. Calibri and Trebuchet MS did infact have the same ratios. So I don't have a problem. But you will definetly earn your points on both your solutions.

Thanks alot.
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yes sifr is a good option.

the other way is to use a javascript / CSS script that checks is a font is available, and if it returns true you then apply a different class (with your alternate font) to the headings.

This is still a good question that I am sure others will find useful ;-)

Instead of using pt(point) as size use px(pixel) as font size.
            font-family:Calibri,"Trebuchet MS";
px font size is not scalable in IE
ems are better.

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