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Dear all,

we need your help to find a script that create a mailboxes for the existing users in active directory. we will use exchange 2007 as mail system. the creation for mailboxes will be from exchange server.

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This is an extraction from the online help. The topic is "How to mailbox enable an existing user"

Enable-Mailbox -Database "MyServer\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database"

Then there's the bulk create:

Scenario: Bulk create mailboxes based on a CSV file

Shell one-liner:

The following one-liner creates mailboxes for all team members listed in an Avalanche.csv file, which contains NHL Avalanche team roster information with the following column format:
    Pos,No,Player,Age,Ht,Wt,Born,Exp,Birth City
$password = Read-Host "Enter password" -AsSecureString
import-csv Avalanche.csv | foreach {new-mailbox -alias "avalanche$($_.No)" -Name $_.Player -password $password -database "Mailbox Database" -org Users -UserPrincipalName "avalanche$($_.No)"}

Obviously it's a lot busier than you possibly want but at least you can take the concept and adapt it for your need.

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