MAPI Error when using send via mail in MS Word

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When using send from MS office 2007 in word I get the following errors "mapi32.dll is an invalid Extended MAPI Library" and Mail is not installed" in excel the error is "cannot load mail service check your mail installation"

the current mapi file version is 6.5.69440

I am using WinXP Office 2007 (ENT) and connected to an exchange 2003 and have looked on here and elsewhere discovering older solutions which I followed, replacing the mapi32.dll file which gets me a bit further but different errors arose.

I need to resolve this as I am in the process of roling out a new image during the summer holidays
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Ha, found the cause of the issue-Microsoft Exchange System Manager (duh) is installed on my machine but will not be on the general image.

unless anyone has a fix or suggestion then my question is solved

can I award myself 500 points
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You shouldn't be running ESM on the same machine as Outlook. For the same reasons what you shouldn't run Outlook on an Exchange server. It causes problems with the MAPI.DLL.

Sometimes you can get away with it depending on the order you installed Exchange and then Outlook (Outlook first then ESM, then service pack for Exchange).




Thanks for you comments,

Though I did install outllok then ESM, this issue still arose. Looks like I'll have to add attachments the other way.

I will close this question and except your answer as a solution.

Keep up the good work :-)
Had the same problem.

What I did was. Copy MAPI32.DLL from a computer running WinXP and Office 2003, same language version and replaced my MAPI32.DLL located at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (better make a backup of the file before doing this) and It worked.

I can now send a file from any Office Aplication and other tools like Winzip, etc.

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