Active Sync 4.5 Support Code:8503001c

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Microsoft Active Sync 4.5

Synchronization could not be completed. If this conditions persists, try deleting and then re-creating the device's sync relationships.

Support Code:8503001c

This error message occurs every time I attempt to sync my device. I setup a new partnership on a new computer with a new user and a new Outlook profile to start "clean". Everything looks great until I attempt to sync the phone.

Phone: i-mate K-Jam

I cannot find anything on the Internet relating to this specific problem. The problem for me is: I have calendar data that will not update & I need the calendar data.

Anyone have any idea how I might retrieve/duplicate the calendar so I can dump the device and reconfigure EVERYTHING?
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As it turns out... this problem escalated to forcing me to reboot after using the device for about 40 seconds. I was able to get to calendar data and write it down on paper. Once I believed that I documented all of the data, I was confident that the device ROM could be reloaded. After reloading the ROM, I have no more something was corrupted in the system. Learned a valuable lesson (Sync Often!!). Since I can't have this problem ever again, I now use Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Direct Push to sync my phone live over the Internet or use SMS or MMS or whetever it's called. Save's me time and $. I also bought a program called Spb Backup that seems to work great and it will even work with WM6 when and if I can upgrade to it. After all of this happened I also reviewed the manual and it warns about using Modem Link and Active Sync simultaneously (which I was doing when the problem began). If this is truely an issue that caused the OS to be corrupted somehow, then I hope they disable the ability to run Active Sync and Modem Link at the same time in future versions. What a painful experience. Windows Mobile is great but if you expect to be able to treat it like Windows XP because it looks similar... think again.
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