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We have a few Blackberry Pearls in our office using BES to forward mail to them.

One of the Pearls has started losing older messages and it's been noticed that the 64Mb memory was nearly full.

SO, without further ado, we bought a 1Gb MiniSD card, which the Pearl sees and is quite happy to store pictures on. However, the 64Mb memory for messages/contacts/etc is still nearly full.

I believe that the 64Mb internal memory is being used for messages/contacts/etc and I would like to know how to point the Pearl into storing everything on the 1Gb MiniSD so we can get rid of this memory issue.

Another subpoint...I have checked what the user is synchronising and the max space it should take up is around 10Mb, but the space used that the Pearl tells us in the Status is nearly 60Mb. We haven't installed any extra programs and can't understand where all the memory is going.

I would be very grateful if anyone can shed some light on this.

Many thanks,

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I would backup the Pearl using the Desktop manager, and then Wipe it, and see what happens.

Restore only needed items.

Use the latest Desktop manager !

I hope this helps !
Gary CutriData & Communications Specialist

By default a BlackBerry device removes emails older than 30 days & Calendar items older than 60 days.  These settings can be changed by going to the Options menu within each area.  Also the expandable memory is only for photos and other media items.  If your devices are running out of memory it would only be due to users install a lot of additional applications.


Hi, thanks for the replies.

The user has no installed applications. Am I right in thinking that in this day and age of cheap memory, the Blackberry Pearl ONLY allows the internal 64Mb to be used for the useful stuff like calendar, mail, etc? So I'm to assume correctly that the 1Gb MicroSD we purchased was a waste because the Pearl won't use it for what we need it for?

Of this 64Mb, I have cleared all I can from it, but still I can only realise 31Mb of space.

Any ideas?


Data & Communications Specialist
I have users with 8000+ contacts, hundreds of email, calendar appointment, tasks, memos etc and they have never run out of memory.  On you device please do the following:

1. Open Messages
2. Press the menu button and select Options
3. Go to General Settings
4. Change "Keep Messages" from 30 days to 60 or 90
5. Exit and save


I will try upping the keep messages time. I will see if that helps.

Thanks for your help, still can't believe they limit memory to 64Mb when you can add MicroSD cards. Silly.

I'll give it a couple of days and accept solution then according to which worked.



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