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hi again i have access dimensions at work i have never run it before so its new too me th eother it guy did so iam trying to learn as much as i can i have installe dit on a fresh pc but when i try to conect it says it can not find the sql sever??? i have put the right data base in what our accounts are etc in dims but it says error etc carnt find it do i need to point it in the right direction thanks again
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What is the name of the server on which your database is installed?  
Can you access the database from the SQL Server tools on that server?
How does your application store its DB location?
What connection information is your application using?


the server is windows server 2003 useing the small buisness server os

the acces dimenions is installed on there storage wise?? just on the hdd on the server

not shore of a conection but this is wot it says
un able to log into the server
08001:microsoft odbc sql server driver tcp/ip sockets specified sql server not found 01000 microsoft odbc sql server driver tcp/ip sockets conectionopen connect.
If you go to that SBS2003 server, and use SQL Server Management Studio, can you connect to the database?

I'm trying to determine whether the problem is on the client or server side.
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yes i can go into the data base on the server i deff think its the pc side of things not the server the idea is reading the script what the other guy left me he said for dimentions install the dimenstions and copy over the files i have made ib the folder on the server which is the to accounts folders for the data base then i installed sql on the pc it should be ok once i fille din the key code on the access etc and point the dimensions to the right folders but it just keeps saying sql error.......regards chris
Then it's the "Dimensions" application we're trying to support, not SQL Server 2005.

Is it a commercial application?  Who provides it?

The error message you listed mentions ODBC. Have you set up a DSN on the client computer?  What is the name of the DSN Dimensions is looking for?


mmmmmm no i dont think i have set one up i thought the data base would be picked up by the access dimensions once i feed it the correct infomation "dsn"??? not to shore of it


all sorted i did not point the sql in the right direction silly me it works ok now thanks all for the help regards chris

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