I've killed exchange.....HELP!!!

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OK...Exchange 2003 was working fine. I have (had) 3 domains happily sending and reeiving mail.

I logged into the manager and tried to add another POP connector for a new domain, and everything went pair shaped!

Now none of my domains will send or receive. I've tried re-running the internet mail wizard, no effect. I can connect through outlook and authenticate, but every message I send gets sent back saying "The destination server for this recipient could not be found in Domain Name Service". Incming mail is not working either, however when I send a message from Gmail I do not get any messages saying it didn't make it.

So, how to I configure Exchange 2003 to receive internet mail and send internet mail for 3+ domains???

I'm lost
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For starters, remove the POP connector you added to get yourself working again.  


yup....tried that.....then re-ran the IMW....nothing....still dead


managed to get incoming email working again.....on all domains......still can not send

BTW...I re-deleted the pop protocols and the SMTP connector, re-ran the IMW to get incoming working again.
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Have you restarted the exchange services and checked your event logs
Sounds like your SMTP connector out to the internet is either configured to use a smart host that doesn't exist or is configured to use DNS but your DNS settings on the network connections of the Exchange server aren't right.


rpartington....restarted the server, zero erros

robstacey.....the SMTP connector "smart host" setting is blank....DNS is fine and working properly (that much I know).

One thing I did change....don't know if this makes any difference...under protocols, properties, delivery, advanced, fully-qualified domain name...was set to an internal doamin unused for mail. I changed it to the primary host name.



I'm very surprised at how little documentation (either from Microsoft or online) there is about setting up exchange, on a single box, for multiple internet domains.

I haven't been able to find anything which says "wanna send and receive from multiple domains using exchange, well do this....".

Everything seems to be geared towards front-end/back-end configuration. Don't even want to go there!!

Wondering if I made the right choice in servers! Maybe I should've stayed on my old Linux box!! :(


Thanks for that...not exactly what I need. I have multiple domains for multiple people, not a one-to-many situation.
ina_donInformation Systems Expert

How about you setup message tracking for a start to establish how far your messages are going? Provide us the log from the message tracking and we can assist if by looking at that you wouldn't have figured it out already.
Also, check the queues on the server to see where messages are stuck.


Incoming messages are working fine.....the message logs are reporting "This message indicates a DNS problem or an IP address configuration problem" and the returned message says "This message indicates a DNS problem or an IP address configuration problem ".

I haven't touched DNS. Nothing has been added or changed in DNS, and everything was working fine. So whatever is still wrong has got to be inside Exchange.

I have 2 IP's on this server. I have all the MX records ponting to the first (IE: and don't use the second for anything (even IIS). In exchange, I have everything set to "(All Unassigned)" IP's addresses since I'm running multiple domain's and don't have enough IP's for each domain.

There is a single (default) SMTP protocol, a single SMTP connector "Internet Mail SMTP Connector". There were 9 POP protocols, but I deleted them all at the recommendation of another memeber (see above) and re-created them. That got incoming working. But outgoing is still dead

I'm not using a smarthost. Exchange is installed on a WIndows 2003 server. The SMTP connector is showing the SMTP protocol as the local bridgehead (whatever that is)

I'm running 5 RBL's. I have recipient filter, IMF and connection filters enable.

At this point, I'm seriously considering uninstalling Exchange and trying something else. Exchange just seems far to complex to get running. I'm a sharepoint server developer and getting that to run was far easier than this is!!!
ina_donInformation Systems Expert

Hmmm don't kick it in first. Did you say you have tried to run dns queries on this machine? Is local deliveries working? Like I said, a message trace would be a good idea otherwise run logging and tests on the server. You'll be surprised how much most of the services that run against the internet or have some base in internet technology depend on DNS and a slight problem accessing the DNS server or getting results back can be a nightmare. Do some logging and at least try running a trace lets get your logs and sort you out. We are on our way if you say it says its a DNS problem. Diagnostics that are in System Manager can be well informative sometimes for less complex issues.
I have seen networks fall apart after domain controllers were messed with. The roles of the severs are set, and if servers are demoted, or removed, roles are shifted and things start to fail. Make sure that your mail server can see the DNS server, and that its DNS settings are correct. Also, if anything else changed on your network, let us know. Check your DNS sever to see what it showes on your mail server. DNS can get hosed and cause major problems. LDAP is another role that can cause havoc if it is modified with taking other servers that use it into consideration.  This is just some things to think about.



OK...started the diagnosics and this is what I get if I send an email from my machine....

#Date: 2007-06-03 12:01:56
#Fields: date time c-ip cs-username s-sitename s-computername s-ip s-port cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query sc-status sc-win32-status sc-bytes cs-bytes time-taken cs-version cs-host cs(User-Agent) cs(Cookie) cs(Referer)
2007-06-03 12:01:56 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 EHLO - +mypc89334 250 0 276 14 0 SMTP - - - -
2007-06-03 12:01:56 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 MAIL - +FROM:+<leadmagnet@mydomains.com> 250 0 44 32 0 SMTP - - - -
2007-06-03 12:01:56 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 RCPT - +TO:+<todmartian@hotmail.com> 250 0 43 41 0 SMTP - - - -
2007-06-03 12:01:59 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 MAIL - +FROM:+<leadmagnet@mydomains.com> 250 0 44 32 0 SMTP - - - -
2007-06-03 12:01:59 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 RCPT - +TO:+<todmartian@hotmail.com> 250 0 43 41 0 SMTP - - - -
2007-06-03 12:01:59 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 DATA - +<000301c7a5d6$f9376510$eba62f30$@org.uk> 250 0 124 2526 203 SMTP - - - -
2007-06-03 12:01:59 mypc89334 SMTPSVC1 WIN2003SRVR1 0 QUIT - mypc89334 240 4157 79 4 0 SMTP - - - -

Incoming is still working.


The server is a domain controller, but I havent touched anything. DNS, AD, IIS, Sharepoint Server, SQL Server, and other web services are all still working as they should. Exchange is the only system that I have no idea what I'm doing. DNS is working and set correctly. I am using an external DNS service in exchange, and I've double checked the values. There all good.


ok...after days of reading everything I can get my hands on reguarding exchange (even the books (MS Press, O'Rielly, Safari) are vauge!!)...no solutions.

Zapped the server...reloaded 2003 server enterprise and then exchange 2003 std...

Can't believe that's what it took to get this working again! What a pile!

It does work...kind of...send and receive on the primary domain (both OWA and Outlook) is fine.

On all the other domain's...I can't send from Outlook. OWA send and receive works on all domains. But try to send using outlook and it returns the same non-descriptive error "...dns..ip address...problem.." which can't be the case since it works in OWA! Any idea's folks?

I am so tempted to bin every MS product I have and go back to Linux!!!!!!!!!!



never mind....it turns out that x.400 configuration with exchange 2003 is just as important as SMTP...found a blog article that discribbed the problem in detail.

Now that it works....I can take my time deciding when to replace this POS!!!!!
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