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my computer specs are dual xeon 3.0 with 3 gb ram
i use windows 2003 server standard edition
i use sql 2000 for my application which its an online game
i have serveral dataservers(applications),connectserver,joinserver,event server
i didnt have this problem till now but recently i install sp4 for sql 2000, till now i was using only sp3
so since then sometime randomly i get error: ODBC Timeout and in that moment dataservers lose connection with SQL server which is localy
its random, sometimes happend many times, sometimes happend just one time

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Database Architect - Dba - Data Scientist
One of your processes is probably taking too much time to complete and simply times out on the db server.  To identify you may either:

> use Profiler to catch any non completing processes (You may use Error and Warnings events)
> Increase the timeout of both the server and client and see which process runs too long

Anyway, you best friend is probably profiler...

Hope this helps...


how increase timeout?
Racim BOUDJAKDJIDatabase Architect - Dba - Data Scientist

Client Timeout: increase in ASP /ASP DOT NET conf parameter/
Serve Timeout:Enterprise Manager --> INSTANCENAME --> Properties (Connection)  --> modify it from 600 to above value...

Hope this helps...

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