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We use Remote Desktop for administration on all of our servers, is there a good way to log items when IT staff connect to remote desktop?

We would like to log:
logon time, logon name, client ip address.

It could go to a local file or security log.

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That's already been done: look into the security event log, filter for event id 528.
These events will be successful logons.
If the "Logon Type" field in the description is 10, it's a remote connection.
Check here for details about the logon types:
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Be sure you enable Audit system event on Local security Policy so your server can log this event.
Administrative Tools --> Local Sec Policy --> Local Policy --> Audit Policy --> Audit systems event --> check both success and failure.


Now  to find an easy vbs script to pull all 528 events with a logon type of 10.
I wonder what a RDC with /console would show?


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