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I have an HP Pavilion dv4000.  I'm using XP Pro as my OS.  I also run Office 2003 as well as several utility programs for disk management, virus protection, etc.
I have started getting the following error message and haven't a clue as to what it means.
"Checker.exe Application error.  The exception breakpoint  A Breakpoint has been reached.
0X80000003 occured in the application at location 0X00df21d4.  Click OK to terminate the program"

Usually when I click ok it goes away.  Sometimes it immediately reappear and I need to click ok again.  Is there some way I can track this down and fix problem?
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The first thing is to locate and identify the file checker.exe. It is a rather generic name and could be a legit application, or a virus. You should be able to right-click on your C: drive, select "Search" and ask it to find checker.exe.

Once it is located, right-click on it. select Properties -> Version and see who created the file and when.

At the same time, would be good to know from where the file is starting. Do the following:

(1) Download Autoruns from:
(2) Run the program. It lists a bunch of things that start when Windows starts.
(3) From the menu bar, select Options, and uncheck "Include Empty Locations" and "check" "Hide Microsoft Entries"
    (Important)->Then click the Refresh button in the toolbar.
(4) This will give you a shorter, more meaningful list.
(5) Look for anything pertaining to checker.exe and let us know, or post the log here (after saving to a text file with save as..)

checker.exe could be the Fourseman.c Worm - remove it here:

It could also be a legitimate file belonging to the 'wash&go' cleanup application. So, if you have that installed - try uninstalling and reloading it.

It couls also be any number of custom .exe but the two most common are noted above. It may be worth clicking START > RUN > type MSCONFIG > click OK > click STARTUP and locate checker.exe in the list. If it located in the wash&go folder then it is legit. If not - try the removal instructions for above worm.

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